2015 Participants

map 2015
participant map 2015

The following 26 schools (~500 students) have signed up as of April 28, 2015 (click on the map to explore).

Students from highlighted schools participated in 2014.

1A. Frederic High School, Frederic, WI.
2B. Beaver Dam High School, Beaver Dam, WI. ~75 students.
3C. Elkhorn Area High School, Elkhorn, WI.
4D. Ashwaubenon High School, Green Bay, WI. ~ 11 students.
5E. J.I. Case High School, Racine, WI. ~170 students.
6F. Westosha Central High School, Twin Lakes, WI. ~25 students.
7G. Berlin High School, Berlin, WI. Several teams.
8H. Hartford Union High School, Hartford, WI. ~100 students.
9I. FJ Turner High School, Beloit, WI.
10J. Montello High School, Montello, WI. ~25 students.
11K. Waupaca High School, Waupaca, WI. 4 students.
12L. D.C. Everest Senior High, Weston WI. 1 student.
13M. Oshkosh North High School, Oshkosh, WI. 2 students.
14N. James Madison Memorial High School, Madison, WI. 1 student.
15O. East Troy High School, East Troy, WI. 1 student.
16P. Milton High School, Milton, WI. 2 students.
17Q. Menomonee Falls High School, Menomonee Falls, WI.
18R. Union Grove High School, Union Grove, WI.
19S. James Madison Memorial High School, Madison, WI. 4 students.
20T. Waterford Union High School, Waterford, WI. ~20 students.
21U. Edgerton High School, Edgerton, WI.
22V. Verona Area High School, Verona, WI. ~4 students.
23W. Cedarburg High School, Cedarburg, WI. ~10 students.
24X. Blair-Taylor High School, Blair, WI. ~25 students.
25Y. Fond du Lac High School, Fond du Lac, WI. 2 students.

International participants:
+1. Lyceum №1575, Moscow, Russia. 40 students.

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